Bring a little extra magic into your home this Christmas!

For £5 enjoy watching Elf News, The North Pole's premier news station, report directly from Santa's home as he prepares for the big night.

Purchase now for instant access to four magical episodes and a weekly activity pack, guaranteed to keep the kids entertained!

Alongside his Chief Elf Holly, Santa will share:

  • Top tips on Christmas tree decorating
  • His favourite Christmas treats
  • His strict exercise regime
  • A Christmas bedtime story
  • Once purchased, you can watch At Home With Santa as many times as you like.

    It’s heartwarming and hilarious entertainment for all the family.

    Expect a sprinkling of Christmas magic and plenty of cheer too!

    Included in your purchase is The Tinsel Times which Includes recipes, stories, jokes and other fun things for all the family to enjoy.

    £1 of every purchase will be donated to Sarah’s Trust. While the series ‘Santa at Home’ will be donated to all Children's Hospital and Hospice we can reach or that requests access.

    This is a feelgood way to get into the Christmas spirit! Purchase access now!

    Thank you & enjoy,
    The ELF NEWS team.


    Every year the hardest working Elf is awarded the honour of decorating Santa’s Christmas tree. For the third year in a row, Elf Holly has won - but this year not everything will go to plan...

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    Elf Holly is trying to find Santa. He needs to do his daily exercises before eating 3,000,000 minces pies - Santa has snuck into his kitchen (again)! Why not join him and find out about some of his favourite Christmas treats.

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    There is only one week to go – and thousands of letters still to read. How will Santa do it? Elf Holly is with Santa’s in his private study when he reveals a very special secret.

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    It is Christmas Eve and the most important night of the year. Settle in at bedtime and listen to Santa make time to read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ for you – and ends with a magical send-off.

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    All 4 Episodes

    Buy all 4 episodes with weekly edition of the 'TINSEL TIMES’ packed with fun printable activities, recipes and more!

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    When one door closes, another one opens...

    After the events of 2020 Naive Productions was determined to find a way to uphold the spirit of Christmas.

    Wanting to give children the message that, no matter what, nothing stops Father Christmas, we set out to capture the magic by offering families a unique opportunity to hear from Santa in the comfort of their own home.

    Engage with Santa as he talks directly to you. Listen as he answers some children’s questions.

    Enjoy as he shares some his thoughts & insight into how children can get onto Santa’s “Good” list.

    At Home With Santa is a family event experience to bring magic & fun to every household.

    Our goal is to share, share, share!

    Ensuring “At Home With Santa” is donated to children hospitals and hospices is an important aspect of this event. We want to reach as many children as possible and would be delighted if you got involved:

    * May we ask you to please spread the word through your social platforms to friends, families and colleagues.

    * Please contact [email protected] if you have an existing relationship with a children's charity who might enjoy “At Home With Santa” or you are an organisation who might gift a bundle.